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Technology Creator


I started as a front-end developer and moved into team building, product design, and startup entrepreneurship. I’m as comfortable behind a keyboard as I am behind a podium.

Web Development
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Product Design
Management & Team Building
Technology Training
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Director of Technology


The technology director is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all technology and IT functions at the location. This includes directing all IT operations to meet internal and external customer requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing systems and development of new technical solutions. The director oversees department staff and budget.


Senior Developer


Serve as member of the technical team for small startup working in the Television & Broadcast Industry. I was the primary developer of a node.js server product to communicate with legacy television production systems. I architected the solution from scratch and shepherded the project throughout the development process and into active use on customer sites.


Internet Specialist

Alaska Legislature (Legislative Affairs Agency)

I worked with the Information Office Manager and other team members to assess, design, and implement new technologies to ensure the best possible access to state government for Alaskans. One other Internet specialist and I worked together to define, create, and staff a new section within the department to ensure adequate and appropriate use of media technologies, and to foster relationships with other organizations. I designed the live streaming system that made the Alaska Legislature one of the first state legislatures to stream all meetings and sessions live.

Lead Front-End Developer

Vault 12

I served as the lead software developer for bitcoin start-up. As the Lead Developer, I directed other members of the team in day-to-day tasks. I ensured that the product progressed according to the roadmap, and that adequate resources were in place to ensure on-time delivery. Working with the designer and other team members, I created specifications to guide the work of contractors and new hires. Additionally, I created a custom web-app to facilitate testing and experimentation of a custom open source library.

Senior Software Support Engineer


As a Senior Software Support Engineer at Intel/Mashery, I provided product and technical assistance to our customers for the full range of Mashery products. Assisted with testing and development of project plugins and customer-specific features. Assisted post-sales team with product implementation and training.


I’m a lifelong learner, but here are some highlights of my educational exploits:

MBA (Executive)

Quantic School of Business & Technology

The Quantic Executive MBA combines award-winning MBA curriculum with added courses designed for mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs. 

I focused on entrepreneurship and strategy in my eMBA curriculum.


Coursera, University of Alaska

Leaders should always be learning. I relish any opportunity to gain new ideas and perspectives. 

BA (Liberal Arts)

Thomas Edison State University

My path to a BA was a wandering one. I attended undergraduate courses at 3 universities. In addition to GERs, I took courses in acting, technical theater, creative writing, communications, and philosophy.


Coursera, Vendors, University of Alaska

Technology is always changing. I stay on top of the latest technology and trends in a wide variety of industries. Solutions can come from anywhere.

Volunteer Experience

Give back, give first, give often. I enjoy participating in volunteer activities, events, and boards.

Health TIE: I serve as a founding member and board chair. Health TIE is an innovation hub that is a bridge between health and human service organizations and innovative entrepreneurial partners.
JEDC is an economic development agency that provides direct benefits to Juneau and Southeast Alaska. JEDC leverages strategic alliances with community groups and government agencies to create and retain quality jobs in Southeast Alaska. I Serve as the secretary of the board.
Eagle River United Methodist Camp is a year-round Community Camp and Retreat Center open to all, owned and operated by the United Methodist Churches of Southeast Alaska. I serve on the board, and as senior staff for summer camps.
I make myself available to startups and small businesses that need advice or assistance with technology, business issues, or introductions. Feel free to drop me a message.

Technology I use

When I create a new product, I look for the best way to solve the problem, not necessarily the latest-and-greatest framework or language. That said tend to lean towards web technologies, including Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React, MongoDB, Express, node.js, Firebase and more.

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Some Stuff I've made.


SimpleWho is a web-based in & out board that is mobile-friendly and updates live. I created this app to help companies keep track of staff no matter where they’re working from. SimpleWho looks good on a phone, desktop, or even a big screen in the lobby.

dsp|hire is a ground-up project to create an app to simplify the hiring process for Direct Support Professionals. I created the concept, prototype, and app, as well as admin dash and marketing materials.

Live Streaming Tools

I got my start programming for streaming and television, and I continue to create tools and utilities to support my own projects and interests in media. Several of these tools are open source. I’ve created tickers, switchers, video/audio generators, statistics dashboards, streaming server plugins, and more.

Who hasn’t dabbled in e-commerce? I’ve built stores for myself and others that use the latest-and-greatest tools and techniques. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best way to sell a product or service. 

contact me

  • Juneau, Alaska
  • jake@jakecarpenter.com
  • +1 (907) 321-8693